To scare voters away from Hillary, Trump promised endless investigations, said those damn emails were the biggest scandal since Watergate, and accused the Obama administration of cover ups. He argued that there would be a constitution crisis that would prevent Clinton from governing. These are arguments that Donald Trump made in the closing days of the 2016 presidential election. But now with the Washington Post reporting that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, it’s worth recalling the rhetoric Trump used in the final two weeks of the ’16 presidential campaign.


His words, not ours…

October 28 in Cedar Rapids, IA

“As you’ve heard, earlier today the FBI after discovering new emails is reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton… The investigation is the biggest political scandal since Watergate and it’s everybody’s hope that justice at last can be delivered.”


November 2 in Miami, FL

“If Hillary Clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis. Haven’t we just been through a lot with the Clintons, right?”


November 2 in Orlando, FL

“Hillary is likely to be under investigation for many years, probably concluding in a criminal trial.”


November 4 in Atkinson, NH

“She’ll be under investigation for years. She’ll be with trials. Our country, we have to get back to work.”

November 4 in Wilmington, OH

“Hillary has engaged in a criminal massive enterprise and cover-ups like probably nobody ever before.”

 November 5 in Reno, NV

“There’s virtually no doubt that FBI Director Comey and the great, great special agents of the FBI will be able to collect more than enough evidence to garner indictments against Hillary Clinton and her inner circle, despite her efforts to disparage them and to discredit them. If she were to win this election, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. In that situation, we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial.”

November 5 in Denver, CO

“Her current scandals and controversies will continue throughout her presidency and we will make it honestly, look, it’s gonna be virtually impossible for her to govern. Now, the Republicans have talked very tough and the Democrats. It’s gonna be just another mess for another four years, folks. A mess. We’ve got to get back to work, right? I mean, we have to get back to work.”

November 6 in Minneapolis, MN

“First thing you should do is get rid of Clinton. Hillary Clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy, likely concluding in a criminal trial.”

 November 6 in Moon Township, PA

“The investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. The rank and file special agents at the FBI won’t let her get away with these terrible crimes, including the deletion of 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena. Right now, she’s being protected by a rigged system.”

Looks as though Trump’s predictions will come true, but like everything else Trump, it will be all about HIM!