That “dog and pony” show, summoning the Senate to a White House meeting was nothing more than Donald Trump showing the Senate who’s boss. He needed a photo op that showed his “power” even at the expense of crying wolf. (Fool me once…)

Despite his inability to get that body to back his ill conceived and poorly executed political agenda or to accept his one page “total tax revamp,” Trump’s craving of acceptance has moved to winning the battle of the optics. Failing in the polls, he bombs Syria even though he was elected on “non-interventionism.” He picks a fight with Australia, with the world shaking its collective head. Justin Trudeau comes to Washington and the comparisons to Trudeau’s compassion and altruism just burned him up. So he had to pick a trade war fight with Canada.

But the inescapable truth is this is a man has no concept of how to make this country great. Just look at his executive orders and decisions that will destroy the entire earth for decades to come, all to mollify his billionaire friends:

  • He locked in long-term carbon emissions by approving two major oil pipelines.
  •  He appointed a Supreme Court justice who’s hostile to environmental lawsuits.
  • He opened the door to more coal mining by allowing coal waste to be dumped into waterways.
  • He signaled to automakers that cars don’t have to become more fuel-efficient.
  • He sent a message to polluters that they shouldn’t fear the feds.
  • He started regulatory fights that will last for years.
  • Made it okay to hunt and shoot hibernating bears.
  • Expanded oil drilling in the arctic.
  • Expanded off shore oil drilling.

The “Twitterer-in-Chief” only cares about “ratings” as if he were still on TV, and his image. So taking a look at social media hashtags that define his first 100 days is eyeopening:

The top five hashtags around Trump’s First 100 Days (Apr 20-present) as compiled by Talk Walker were:

– #100DaysofShame – 12,618

– #TheResistance – 5,898

– #UniteBlue – 3,577

– #MAGA – (Make America Great Again) -2,237

– #resist – 2,224

100 days of shame.jpg

Four out of the five hashtags around Trump’s 100 days were anti-Trump. The #MAGA tweeters were noticeably silent. Oddly enough, Trump is a man who takes to Twitter as his megaphone. Apparently those who holler back, are not impressed!