The actions of a man who was not elected by the majority of Americans is setting America’s  social, economic and political gains back by decades. Those who voted for Trump believed there was some deep seated agenda to pull America from the jaws of foreign economic encroachment, worthless overseas military adventures, and third world population  dominance. Anti-terrorism, the return to 20th century smokestack industry, and that damn “wall” motivated his throng of supporters. His pals at Fox News dubbed him “the poor people’s billionaire” and advanced the myth that Donald Trump has empathy and compassion, and was somehow going to “pivot” into a decent human being. The majority of Americans were not fooled. Bu with a lot of help from Vladimir Putin and a multi-billion dollar Russian influence peddling war chest, we have the most dangerous, egotistical, shameless liar to every occupy the White House.

To many of us casual observers, not driven by pandering to audiences for profit, we refuse to be afraid to say this man is sick and dangerous, and should be constitutionally put in check. But until his dangerous egomaniacal syndrome becomes a “thing” we can only hope for more powerful reminders of what’s at stake like this recent article written in The New Yorker by well respected writer, Adam Gopnik. Here is an excerpt of what Mr. Gopnik had to say…

“The bombing of Syria, for instance, was not a sudden lurch either in the direction of liberal interventionism, à la Bill Clinton in the lands that were once Yugoslavia, nor was it a sudden reassertion of a neo-con version of American power, à la both Bushes in Iraq. It was, as best as anyone can understand, simply a reaction to an image, turned into a self-obsessed lashing out that involved the lives and deaths of many people. It was a detached gesture, unconnected to anything resembling a sequence of other actions, much less an ideology.”

The entire article in The New Yorker written by  Adam Gopnik can be found here!