The mixed signals of the US sending a carrier group to the Korean peninsula when it was actually going in the opposite direction, is disturbing on all levels. It appears that if there were some type of action by North Korea, South Korea and the hundreds of thousands of Americans living and serving there would not have been covered by Trump’s so called “armada!” The lack of coordination with the military, statements by the Secretary of State that are contradicted days later by the president is showing allies and adversaries dangerous confusion.

It appears that when Donald Trump needs a win, democracy and common sense lose. The insistence that Congress “no nuclear” to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS was a permanent loss to true democracy. Tossing missiles at Syria while eating “The most beautiful chocolate cake you have ever seen!” is an embarrassment to US foreign policy.

The politics of Donald Trump is defined by playing fast and loose with the truth while surrounding himself with sycophants and apologists who translate his bullshit into “Trump speak.” When reality doesn’t meet his needs, he rejects reality until reality changes or he finds someone or something to blame for his failures and lack of appreciation.

And for those too stupid to check the facts, they believe statements such as the one he made when he visited manufacturers in Wisconsin this week…

“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” Trump declared . “That includes on military on the border on trade on regulation on law enforcement—we love our law enforcement—and on government reform.”

Sensing a public relations disaster looming at the 100-day mark next Saturday, Trump is putting pressure on House Republicans to take another run at an Obamacare alternative, tweaked this time around to abolish the federal ban on discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.

This would tempt Republicans to go back to the strategy of writing a bill in secret and trying to rush it through the House without any official analysis of its impact on coverage or cost.

With absolute power corrupting absolutely, Trump takes to saber rattling with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Like the classic narcissistic bully that he is, he’ll continue to pick on smaller nations while underestimating the net result. He is careless and unless stopped, he WILL start a war that might simmer in the background at first, but as he spirals out of control, will erupt into a full-scale thermonuclear event. State run media in China and South Korea accused Trump in trafficking in bluster and lies that make that moderately stable region a new question mark when it comes of US foreign policy strategy.

Sad thing is, it does not take a nation with a missile to bomb America. It takes foreign and even domestic actors to hate us enough to do it. The fool in the White House lacks empathy, compassion, and a sense of history, diplomacy and respect for life as we know it. That’s enough to be the tipping point to bring major dangers to the homeland.