ABC News captured the details of the arrest, but MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow connected the dots!

U.S. authorities announced efforts to shut down a global computer network run by 36-year-old Pyotr Levashov that sent hundreds of millions of spam emails worldwide each year. The Russian man alleged to be at the head of the scheme was arrested Friday in Spain.

It was called the Kelihos botnet, which at times was made up of more than 100,000 compromised computers that sent phony emails advertising counterfeit drugs and work-at-home scams, harvested users’ logins and installed malware that intercepted their bank account passwords.

It is alleged that for 7 years Levashov, was one of “one of the world’s most notorious criminal spammers.”

Levashov’s arrest in Barcelona on Friday, following a joint U.S.-Spanish operation, set cyber security circles abuzz after his wife told Russia’s RT broadcaster that he was being linked to America’s 2016 election hacking.

Rachel Maddow put it this way:

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