It is estimated that the weekly cost of keeping Donald Trump on the golf course, week after week, is $3 million dollars every time he travels to one of his so-called “golfing work vacations it drains money that could be used for the social good. This is a man who trolled Barack Obama for his comparatively infrequent golf vacations. By comparison, Obama’s yearly travel expenditures cost $12 million. That’s less than one month of what Trump has been burning through.


The total lack of empathy or sense of civic responsibility of this man is appalling! He lied to his supporters when he promised, if elected, he would focus on running the country and not playing golf. Here he is in his own words…

But Trump’s campaign trail pandering has turned into outright lies, which have not escaped notice by the press and the people.

Here is a discussion on the cost of Trump’s golf to the taxpaying public:

Up next, we’ll examine the cost of keeping Melania in New York while Trump boomerangs between his golf courses and The White House.