It is unlikely that Donald Trump gets good advice or constructive criticism from his inner circle. He just loves hearing from sycophants, or bathing his ego in adoring campaign style crowds or sucking up to tyrants and oligarchs who say they like him. So the good advice in this New York Times opinion piece just might go unnoticed by him. So in an effort to “flood the zone” in hopes somehow good advice will hit his desk, we’ll share Ms. Dowd’s commentary.

She says, in part:

“You promised to get the best people around you in the White House, the best of the best. In fact, “best” is one of your favorite words.

Instead, you dragged that motley skeleton crew into the White House and let them create a feuding, leaking, belligerent, conspiratorial, sycophantic atmosphere. Instead of a smooth, classy operator like James Baker, you have a Manichaean anarchist in Steve Bannon.

You knew the Republicans were full of hot air. They haven’t had to pass anything in a long time, and they have no aptitude for governing. To paraphrase an old Barney Frank line, asking the Republicans to govern is like asking Frank to judge the Miss America contest — “If your heart’s not in it, you don’t do a very good job.”

You knew that Paul Ryan’s vaunted reputation as a policy wonk was fake news. Republicans have been running on repealing and replacing Obamacare for years and they never even bothered to come up with a valid alternative.”

Here is the rest of what Ms. Dowd had to say… Pass it on1

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