Now that Trump and his footman House Speaker Ryan have failed to draft enough Republican representatives to the dark side, their mantra is “Wait and See, Obamacare will Collapse!” Apparently enough Americans weighed in with the stark reality that the ACA saves lives and is needed for the good of the country.

In the run up to repeal the measure, every GOP pundit referred to it as a “horrible nightmare” of a bill. They claimed repeal as a pillar of their election promise. But in the interim, their repeal bill gave massive tax cuts to health care providers, lowered taxes for health care CEOs, gutted life saving mandates, denied care for pre-existing ailments and would have forced granny to and gramps to pony up a large percentage of their fixed income to pay for life saving prescriptions and basic health care needs. Even health care industry watchdogs said the measure would have prompted “A race to the bottom,” meaning insurance companies would have offered next to nothing and it would have been okay with the GOP.

Why is it that when the GOP puts down the Affordable Care Act they describe it only as “Obamacare?” Because calling it The Affordable Care Act would have made it difficult to lead unknowing voters down the path of repeal. Anything to deconstruct the accomplishments of our first black president, event if it meant killing millions of Americans was a priority. What’s wrong with socialized medicine or a brand of it to make sure all Americans are cared for? How much money does the 1% need? Why give tax cuts to the greedy?

America needs to come out of the darkness. The defeat o the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare is the first step. If members of the Republican Party mean any good, they would fix the Affordable Care Act as opposed to sitting on their thumbs spitefully wishing it would fail so they can say, “I told you so.”

The lack of empathy among GOP politicians is maddening!