Merkel-Trum 2.jpg

It was glaring today, how Trump looks so small compared to Angela Merkel. In full view of camera’s sending the news conference to the world, Trump’s major issue was to double down on his untrue wiretapping claims by declaring that being spied upon is the central bond that ties him to Merkel. He refuses to back down from a claim that British intelligence agencies spied on him, and continues to cling to the unfounded assertion that he was spied upon by Barack Obama. This was Trump’s platform on the world stage in a news conference with German Chancellor Merkel. He chose to further put his credibility at risk, and he definitively showed our allies that Donald Trump cannot be trusted because his reality is based on things that are demonstratively false.

Trump has every news outlet chasing his lies when he should be giving assurances to the world that America is still the world power to be admired and emulated. In the presence of Angela Merkel, Trump should have been talking about the post WWII alliance that kept Europe free of communism. He should have talked about strengthening the NATO alliance. He should have been talking about Germany’s partnership in fighting the war on terrorism and he should have acknowledged German’s economic leadership that has supported Greece, Portugal and Ireland’s survival of the economic free fall that almost led to world economic collapse.

Our credibility is our national security. Donald Trump has no credibility and he showed today to our citizens and our allies, that he no longer is the leader of the free world. If that’s what you voted for, then he’s truly your man!