While sycophant media pundits are hailing the low bar Donald Trump climbed to appear “presidential” in his address to the joint session of congress on Tuesday, February 29th, we are snapped backed to the sober reality that Putin hates the west, and Donald Trump is the useful idiot leading his Republican minions away from the truth. And that truth is, Russia hacked the US election, to destabilize our democracy and install a demonstrably inept commander-in-chief as head of the free world. Our beautiful free country is mired in dark, painful dialogue with notes of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, corporate greed and governmental ineptitude. We were never in a worse situation, even when we fought a civil war over 100 years ago.

The Washington Post reports that Jeff Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador during Trump’s campaign, the man who is now attorney general and should recuse himself from the Russian hacking investigation. The New York Times reports that the Obama administration, concerned that Trump’s minions might suppress evidence, made moves to make sure evidence could not be buried by a single source. And above all, this bombshell from The New Yorker, a detail examination of Putin’s motivation to have Trump elected over Clinton, five reasons and all not good.

Please, take the time to read and absorb these articles. And remember Trump’s characterizations of reports negative to his stand on Putin, as “fake news” is the bellowing cry of a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Trump might not be a willful traitor to our democracy, but for the man with his hands on the nuclear codes, ignorance is NOT bliss!