A line is drawn when someone you once admired and called “friend” fails to recognize that their views diametrically oppose all that you believe in. It is worse when after learning the potential harm in their position, they don’t care anyway. Time to re-evaluate those relationships!

Ted David

friendThe collateral damage of the Trump presidency: Friendships.

While many people note that they will never let politics upset their friendships, indeed pundits Mary Matalin and James Carville are married, though diametrically opposed politically, the fact is, politics and friendship make strange bedfellows.

Let’s be honest. We often make friends with people because they share a common interest, a common occupation, a love of the same art or food or wine. We become friends with people because our kids are friends or because we simply live next door or work in the same industry.

But usually there is something else that binds us to a friend and that is often not seen and not so obvious and it is something called values. We share the same values. We can disagree on political parties but we agree on wanting our nation to be economically strong, to be fair, to be decent…

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