By Guest Blogger Jeremiah Geniuz

The office does not make the man! Every since I was in grade school, I have been told that you have to be bright, smart, compassionate and patriotic to aspire and win the highest office of the land. But today, this republic is in an anomalous state! It seems like the least qualified man EVER has assumed the mantle of “Leader of the Free World” and it is a national disgrace.

From his history of being a no tax paying, truth challenged pussy grabber, our “so called” president has been a disappointing disaster. And it comes as no surprise because he kept telling us and showing us who is really is!

He put our financial future in the hands of his billionaire friends, chose a racially insensitive bigot for attorney general, a fool for energy secretary, an admittedly incompetent secretary of housing, an EPA chief who fought against rules to prevent global warming and an agriculture secretary who has “email issues” of a more serious nature than Hillary Clinton. The man disrespects our democracy with attacks on the judicial system and the Press. He loves Vladimir Putin and shows disdain for John McCain. He has already outspent the annual travel budget of Barack Obama by refusing to occupy the White House on weekends, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for his weekend getaways. And it has only been a month!

He makes the office of the presidency small. So it is only fitting that The Huffington Post wrote about Evil Ice Cream’s production of “Tiny Trump: The Pocket President.” In case you missed it, here it is!