Image of a Kansas Senator’s 1923 pro-Eugenics op-ed

Eugenics is the false science of breeding superior human beings by culling the socially or physically undesirable. Elimination could range from children with asthma to children with a congenital heart disease. It could be directed at people of a certain socio-economic classes to people with homosexual tendencies. Eugenics is a hateful practice that reared its ugly head in Britain but is closely associated with the Nazis and their drive to create a superior race, though those who put the practice in place were far from perfect.

The elected officials in the GOP, who are espousing the terrible specter of eliminating the Affordable Care Act, are no better than the evil purveyors of eugenics. They will have federally funded health care for life. Even if these lawmakers serve a fraction of their terms, and are drummed out of office or impeached, they and their families will still get health care for life. But that poor family in the hinterlands whose children may have a pre-existing medical condition will be doomed to die because insurance companies will no longer be required to protect them. Eugenics!

There is a way to make sure there is adequate health care for all… change the law to make Congress and the President subject to the same health care rules as the unemployed coal miner in Ohio.

You can bet the duplicitous elected officials would rethink their eugenics based positions.If in the same boat, they would not allow their less fortunate constituents to lose their health coverage!

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