Thank god for those revelations in the press about Michael Flynn. If it were not for the reporters following up on what the intelligence community found out about his contacts with the Russian ambassador following President Obama’s sanctions, we still would have a potential traitor as head of our national security.

There is no rationale for Donald Trump’s shameful defense of the policies and international thuggery of Vladimir Putin. Putin’s attacks on our democracy in attempt to create chaos have succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Trump, Flynn and even the GOP House leadership act as though Putin has something over them. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), resists a deep dive into Flynn’s Russian ties, why?

There is a new story in the New York Times that claims the Trump team had multiple contacts with the Russians during the presidential campaign. There is likely some credibility to this, especially in light of the hacks that led to a steady drip-drip-drip of damaging emails stolen from the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s server.

If the press had been a lot more circumspect when following the Wikileaks breadcrumbs every morning of the campaign, but looked into the Trump campaign’s Russian ties, we might not be the fix we are in today.

But god bless America’s free press. They are a little late, but welcome to the table. Don’t let us down again!

And the response from our “so called” commander in chief, shameful!

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