(Mural by Lithuanian artist Mindaugas Bonanu)

America is not America any more, and could soon be unrecognizable. The alternative universe shoved down our throats day-in and day-out is exhausting! The White House pushes lies as a tactic to divert and deflect, all the while the chaos is doing harm to the fabric of our society. Vladimir Putin could not be happier.

The disintegration in short shrift is shameful. Billionaires, aka “the swamp” are firmly in power at Treasury, Education, and State. The Department of Energy, which controls the nuclear policy of America is in the hands of an incompetent. HUD is being given to a window dressing black man whose lack of knowledge will lead to the wholesale handing over of government housing contracts to the Trump organization. The bigoted Jeff Sessions is made the top lawyer in the nation despite his record of racism and anti-women’s rights.

People are demonstrating in the streets and the mood of the nation is that of darkness and shock, not knowing what mind-numbing madness is next. And it is constant and unnerving!

The destruction of the America I know is taking weeks, but the building of this great republic took 200 years. If you take a match to a project that takes ages to build, it burns down immediately

Donald Trump, a traitor to American values, fails to realize that Putin has given him the matches.