World War 3 is inevitable in 2017

Global Conflict Escalates

A global war of unprecedented proportions will be brewing this winter. I predicted in January 2016 that “An international conflict escalates into worldwide war by the summer of 2017, but doesn’t become an official World War until October…The war begins in mainland Europe, an extension of conflicts brewing in the Middle East and Syria. Russia is a party but takes advantage of the war by grabbing territory in the Southern Caucasus region…”

Europe: Spotlight on Russia & Eastern Europe

Russian soldiers will march into Latvia. There will be more than one parallel to World War II in several of the events to come in 2017. Putin’s army finds it difficult to move into Estonia due to the politics in that region. Russian military will continue to encroach westward, at times unencumbered and unrestrained. European allies will make threats and place an embargo. This Second Cold War will remain in limbo for many months.

World War III is unfortunately inevitable, and will be more apparent by the beginning of next year. In January we will have officially entered into a World War, which could put a damper on Brexit at just a time when the EU will need Great Britain, and Great Britain will need the EU. The world will be called to embrace unity at just a time when many of our countries and alliances are attempting to divide.

Aerial view of Japan, a country that will feature prominently in economic and political news in 2017

There could be an attack in South Korea in 2017. Tensions rise in east Asia by March.
I see dust in the air in South Korea and in the subways of Seoul, with people holding kerchiefs over their mouths and noses to protect themselves from breathing toxic inhalants during some kind of foreign attack. Security problems in Asia will take attention away from Putin’s attempted encroachment into Eastern Europe. Kim Jong-Un will be working harder to repress increased rebellions in North Korea. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will be making threats toward South Korea and Japan, but it is North Korea that takes action toward launching an attack on Japan.

Japan will be vulnerable, asking for help from the US. But it looks like we neglect and abandon them, putting Japan at risk of another atomic attack. Political instability in Asia will affect Japan’s economy, resulting in a recession. Canada will step up in defense of Japan. Canada will be become a moral guide to many in the US, especially in matters of foreign affairs.
Penguins will be newsworthy
Expect to hear more about increased effects of climate change and disintegration of glaciers in North Pole and Antarctica. Ocean levels rise, in some places by an inch or more, gradually overtaking coastal regions and islands such as Haiti.

Politicians will put forward proposals for major changes in labour and immigration laws in Australia, but will be met with resistance. These proposals will move forward in about two to three years, resulting in less weekly work hours for full-time employees.
Middle East

I see an attack on an Israeli train.

I have a vision of Palestinian migration, with sections of the territory becoming empty, craterous, dark pockets of uninhabitable land.

In Syria there will be two groups in control: one in the North and one in the South, the latter being more bellicose than its northern neighbour. This antagonism splits the country in two.

There are seeds of civil war developing in Iraq, and we will hear more about the split in this country throughout 2018. Cold war tensions in Iran will produce an increase in nuclear testing. Nuclear threats come three times and then subside.


In South Africa, I see a President being forced to resign.

There will be rising tensions and injustices in Central Africa. In Sudan, I see increased violence against women, as well as counterespionage within rebel forces. In Lybia, there is a dispute over corn that erupts into violence. In Northeast Africa mothers will cry amidst famine and kidnapping.

Latin America

A revolutionary musical period will develop in Colombia and other regions of South and Central America. A new yet troubled political leadership rises to power in Brazil and Venezuela. A peace movement emerges in Peru, making Lima more hippie-progressive.
Travel restrictions to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands will follow a microbe outbreak