John Romulus Brinkley

This story runs parallel to Donald Trump. It’s about a charismatic man who discovers the power of a new technology, exploits it to the detriment of his followers and wreaks havoc  on lives knowing that it will hurt them.

John Romulus Brinkley was among the first to realize the power of mass communications, the power of radio!  Using radio as his voice, he mobilized tens of thousand of listeners to follow his illegal and dangerous medical practice through arrogance, hubris, ego and outright deception.

Brinkley achieved national fame, international notoriety and great wealth through convincing impotent men that he could cure them by transplanting goat testicles into humans. Eventually he claimed that the technique was a cure for a wide range of male ailments. Stripped of his medical license, he operated clinics and hospitals in several states. Despite the fact that almost from the beginning, he was called out as a charlatan, he continued his activities for almost two decades building a radio empire int he process.

Brinkley’s pioneering radio broadcasts made him an international celebrity, launching country music and almost his political career.  When he tried to run for governor of Kansas, his anti-Semitism and fascist devotion was his downfall.

He was stopped.

This story runs parallels to what is happening today. NewAltFacts is passing on this podcast…. we think you will find it very interesting!

You can find that fascinating podcast #85 Man Of The People here!

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